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Today was belly-dance class so I didn’t get home in time to do any serious A&S. I did do a little more research on the late-Merovingian/Carolingian antler salt holder I will be making for my White Wolf Fian project. You can see a picture of my model here: T shaped antler salt container. I will need to buy a big piece of antler. The largest in my collection is about half the size required to make this object, which is 15 cm in length.

I also spent some time considering options for how to close the ends. I think it would have been some sort of plug in antler, bone or wood, pegged into place. The smallest hole, at the bottom, may have had a smaller plug in the first, so that only a small amount of salt would pour out. I doubt that the plugs would be easily removed, although one would need to be removable in order to add more salt. A cover of leather might also be an option for the smallest hole, though I can’t quite decide how it would be attached to all those peg holes without letting the salt escape or get damp.Theoretically, metal might also be an option, but since this likely held salt, metal would corrode over time. I’m also considering ways to suspend this, as it was most likely worn hanging from a belt.

There are no obvious wear marks, no grooves, and no holes carved for suspension. Other examples do have them.


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I can’t believe I missed some of these in the first go-round!


Bone combs and cases.

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The Battle of Baron’s Howe is one of my favourite events. I tend to get very enthusiastic about projects in preparation, spend the weekend experimenting, and come home full of inspiration and new ideas. This past weekend was no exception. My first project was a new tag for my dog. Kaboone is rather elderly (also partly deaf, blind and possibly senile). He has a tendency to wander into other peoples’ camps or the woods, and forget how to come home. In the past, he has been particularly mocked by my friend Sylard, so I used up a piece of bone from my basement, carved it to an appropriate shape, and practised my runes:

Here is Kaboone wearing his new ornament:

Oddly, although he did wander off several times, when found, he was never returned to Sylard as requested.

On a more serious note, I spent a lot of time collecting lichens from various dead trees and stomped on areas.  Now I need to identify them and learn more about fermenting lichens for dye production. So far, I think I have a parmalia sulcata (wax paper or hammered shield lichen), and I definitely have caribou lichen. The third plant (little pink dots scattered on the bark) is a complete mystery. I also played with a bit of onion skin dyeing (not terribly effective without alum), and tried the birch bark dye, which was an utter failure. The birch bark was too old, I think, so my friend Wilfrid will try to remember to save me some from the next fresh birch wood he collects for his lathe. Also, I forgot my iron pot.

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