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Candles and necklaces

I bought some wicking today, and my daughter says she would like to try making candles with me. Yay!

I also bought some hemp cord so I can string a bunch of beads I bought in India about 5 years ago. I will mix in the beads I made at a bead making course about 3 years ago. The beads are a bit big for truly period necklaces, but that’s okay. The overall look is fairly good. I may also end up wearing them to the office. Once those are done, I will string up a little necklace of very appropriate beads for my Merovingian persona, made by someone in the East Kingdom.


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A few days ago, I tripped over some of the parrafin in my basement. It has been there for years. Acquiring (for free) it seemed like a good idea at the time. At the time, I remember thinking that candles might be a nice 12th night gift, or possibly something I could offer for use as┬álargesse. Tonight, by pure serendipity, a friend living in India posted that she had just had candle moulds made to order. If they work to her satisfaction, she is willing to have more made for me. A quick internet search seems to indicate that candles in moulds were known by th 15th C. I can also do dipped candles. My candles will be a mix of beeswax and paraffin; I know it’s not period, but I want to get rid of the paraffin.

I need to do some more research on candle-making history.

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