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Viking lyre

As part of my home renovation project, I have been sorting through papers and binders to get rid of things I don’t need any more. Last night I came across instructions for making a Viking lyre. If they didn’t include hand-written notes on the details of possible top pieces (where the strings go),  sources for other pictures of bridges, and comments about possible tunings, I could have tossed them with impunity. As it is, I have clearly thought seriously about making this at some point in the past. I recall debating whether it could be done entirely with period tools, and thinking that I could probably do it. So, it has been added as project 71 on my list. It will be one of the last I get to though, as I don’t yet have the materials and don’t intend to acquire them until some other things are gone.


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I had a good evening or two recently where I got a bit of spinning done, but that has been about it. I have started a new job that has taken me to work early most mornings and kept me at the office late almost every evening. I haven’t had my usual enthusiasm for sewing or naalbinding while listening to the morning news as a result. 

Today was a bit better as my son had two hockey games and I had to sit around waiting for the second game to start, so I got a fair amount done on my mitten. I may be able to finish it tomorrow, between yet another hockey game and my daughter’s riding lesson.

Next week I will get the carpet installed in the basement. This may mean more delays for a bit, but the end result will be a functional sewing room and work room, so I may finally get at a few of the projects I can’t even touch because of the renovation chaos of the past few weeks.

A friend wants to make bone tablets for tablet weaving – she has one started and I have several, so it will be nice to work together and finish.

Someone else is keen to learn sausage making, now that I have finally acquired some sausage casings. My meat grinder and sausage press are buried in the workroom so this probably won’t get done until after Christmas, but at least I no longer have an excuse to avoid starting. A third friend has reminded me she wants to make mead, so we have made a date to get a batch started next Saturday. Someone in one of my groups posted a link to a Butterick pattern for historical shoes. Pattern B looks quite a bit like some of the Viking shoes. Since this was on my list but I have been afraid to start, I may buy the pattern. I have a lot of trouble imagining how to make pattern pieces that would fit my feet, so making a reasonably accurate pair using a pattern someone else has already tested for my shoe size seems like a good idea. I can double-check the details using one of my books with pictures and drwawings of actual finds.

Hmm… maybe the progres isn’t quite as slow as I feared after all.

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