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It has been a long dry spell, with nothing done but a bit of lace. Tonight, however, I had a couple of friends over to look for information about gardening and farming. Once of them wants to build a plough and use it – he has access to draft horses, and works in the farm implement industry. I pulled out a bunch of possibly relevant books and then we had fun going through them. He found info on ploughs, while she and I plotted about all the gardening tools we need for our planned medieval gardens. Clay watering pots, rakes, spades, etc….

I also came across a reference for a wooden netting needle from Ireland. The interlibrary loan request has been completed – this is the first reference I have found to an early period netting needle. I’m hoping it is actually for fishing, and I’m really curious to see what style it is.

This is almost as exciting as the discovery that the bone fishing line winder I made based on a single picture is actually about the right size, and my speculation that it was used for a hand-line is supported by the archaeologist. Both of these puzzles have been with me for many years, and it is nice to have answers (or almost answers) at last.


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