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I love liverwurst from time to time, so my sausage research would not have been complete without a liverwurst or two. Tonight I made one very loosely based on Sabina Welserin’s recipe found here (along with several other Welserin sausage recipes, complete with the original German): http://forum.sausagemaking.org/viewtopic.php?t=8104.

If you would make good liverwurst
First take a quarter of a pig’s liver, also a quarter of a pig’s lungs, chop them small, after that chop bacon into small cubes and put salt and caraway seeds into it. The liver and lungs must first be cooked, before they are chopped, and afterwards pour as much of this broth on the chopped meat as you feel is enough. Then take the intestines from the slaughterhouse and fill them full, then you have good sausage.

I had beef liver, not pork, and I don’t have a clue where to acquire pig’s lungs, but I didn’t let that stop me.

I boiled 1 lb of liver with 2 thick slices of bacon, chopped, until they were cooked through. Then I added about 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp caraway seeds (that I had crushed in a mortar and pestle). I wanted a very smooth liverwurst, so I whizzed all the ingredients in my cuisinart. Next I filled a casing using my handy horn stuffer – this is a rather messy job with such a liquidy filling! Finally, I boiled the sausage water for a few minutes to cook the casing.

I would have taken a picture, but it’s just liverwurst – a pale sausage that is far more interesting once it is spread on some sort of tasty cracker or bread. I could have used a touch less salt, but I’m hoping that some of the saltiness boiled away when I cooked the whole sausage. I’m pleasantly pleased at how the caraway blended into the meat.


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