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Last week I taught a class on netting at Practicum, a local arts and sciences event in Caldrithig (Ottawa). I am inspired to get back to working on the net lace project I have on my challenge list. It is to replace a failed experiment begun over 20 years ago, using net loops that were too large to embroider. I’ll be teaching the class again in my local group. It turns out the best teaching aid for this is my fishing net, as people find the scale large enough to practise on. This is perfect, as I am getting some work done on the net in time to take it back to l’Anse aux Meadows this summer!

Today I gave a little lecture on how to plan and budget for a feast, and run a feast kitchen. I drew heavily on the article Dame enid and Dame Tsivia wrote for the 1985 edition of the Known World Handbook. It has stood me in good stead since I first got interested in cooking feasts. I’ll post a copy of my notes shortly.


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