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A while ago, my sister decided to raise chickens. After they had been slaughtered, she gave me all the feet and giblets, figuring I would have some use for them. I did! I finally had a way to make garbage, a soup recipe that appears in Two Fifteenth Century Cookbooks and A Noble Boke off Cookry (you can find them on-line, with a redaction, here.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. I had 24 chicken feet but no heads, and the chicken hearts were frozen in with the bag of gizzards and livers. I boiled up everything in my biggest pot, then removed all the feet. I left in the giblets, though I did break them into bite-sized chunks. Separately, I soaked about half a loaf of baguette in bread, and when it was nice and mushy I added it to the meat along with some beef broth concentrate. Finally, I added approximately double the amount of spices recommended in the redaction. It is remarkably tasty, especially when one considers the rather unattractive beginnings.


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