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While I haven’t given up on the sausage research, I got rather busy with other projects that I can’t talk about yet. Thankfully, Emelot of Calais and our mutual enabler, Avelyn, got me out for a lovely day of sausage making. Emelot had been wanting to try it for a while, so it gave me an excuse to try a couple of new things while spreading the sausage love.

We made 2-3 lb each of Alsatian Sausage, French Country Sausage, Parisian Garlic Sausage, Finochiona salami and Thuringian Rostbratwurst. The Parisian Garlic and Finochiona were both new to me. Most of the recipes came from Len Poli’s site, which is a great resource for sausage recipes.

Counterclockwise from top left: the Parisian garlic sausages after they had been in the oven for three hours, but before poaching. The recipe said to do them in a smoker without smoke, so the bread-proofing setting in the oven was a reasonable substitute since my smoker was at home and we were using Avelyn’s kitchen; Finocchiona divided in two so it can be shared once it has hung in my basement for 28 days; the fruits of our labours; Emelot and I gloating. For some reason, our photographer was fascinated by my sausage stuffer.


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