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New projects!

My apprentice Xristina was elevated last weekend, so I decided to make an attempt at medieval Kievan Rus clothing to suit her persona. It was a major stash-buster, as I used up three large pieces of fabric (rubianka, panova and navershnik – aka undertunic, panelled skirt and overtunic), plus smaller pieces for a povoinik (cap), an ubrus (veil) and a fur-trimmed hat (so one of my old fur collars also got put to use). No comments on the spelling of those names for clothing items – I’m pretty pleased to have memorized them, at last. I have been trying for several years to get them straight. I even made myself two sets of temple rings for the povoinik. I didn’t get a second undertunic done, but I swear I’ll get to that soon…

I was quite pleased with the results, but not with any of the pictures I have seen from the event. I’m putting more trim onto the navershnik, so once that’s done I’ll get dressed up and have someone take pictures for me.

The same day, I re-challenged in to the Order of the White Wolf Fian, with a commitment to research, document and make as many medieval sausage recipes as I can over the next year (plus make at least one batch of beer from scratch to go with the sausages). I am very excited by this project, as I have been thinking about medieval sausages for a long time, and making modern recipes for a few years now. Today I started browsing around the internet and have already come across the name of a Renaissance French cook I had never heard of before: Lancelot de Casteau, who wrote a recipe in 1585 for smoked sausages with apples, cinnamon and nutmeg. Sadly, no recipe for the sausages themselves.


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