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Naalbinding again

I am amazed at how quickly I can forget naalbinding stitches. I had promised to get my friend Dubhease started on naalbinding last weekend, and   I had to pull out the instruction book to get myself started again with the most basic stitch. Eventually  we got it going, and tonight I was inspired to get out my Oslo stitch mittens. After about five false starts and a check on Youtube, I have finally got the pattern looking right again. Now to force myself to continue until the stitch becomes automatic (or I finish the mittens)….


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I made over an inch today. It’s not much, but I feel compelled to record the accomplishment since I have had so few lately.

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In a rather unexpected turn, I wrote a poem this weekend. It is in a Norse hyrndhendr hattr style, with 8 syllables per line, though the stresses may be wrong. The line is divided in half, with separate but related thoughts in each half, and each line has one predominant letter for alliteration. The letter must start two words in one half, and one in the second half (or vice versa), except the last line, which needed to be somewhat different. I then found myself needing to know how to write numbers in runes, so spent some time reading The Viking Answer Lady’s web page (http://www.vikinganswerlady.com). I will count this towards deepening my knowledge of Viking life. I may even be inspired to write more poetry, as I had forgotten how much fun it is to write in this style.

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