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late 10th C Norse shoes, based on finds from York

same shoes, showing the toggles


The line winder is bone, just under 8 inches long. The next step will be to carve a design


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Shoes and comb

The shoes are finished! I had to get additional instructions via email, but was able to finish them tonight. I won’t be able to make another pair in time for the big trip, and my current pair is at least 100 years too early, so I’ll be packing extra wool for liners. If I can change the wool liners regularly, and have at least two pairs of naalbinding socks in rotation, I should be able to stay fairly dry.

I have been struggling a bit with the comb. Two of the tooth plates were cut out and filed okay, but the third was cut too thin. I cut a replacement last night, but the bone was too weathered and brittle. I cut another replacement this evening and it looks like it will be fine.

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I have finished one shoe. I know I can finish the other this week. The comb is mostly filed and shaped, but I think I will need to replace one toothplate as it is just too thin. Thankfully, I have Saturday free to get that little job done. The line winder is complete, for now. The original I am modelling mine on has a beautiful bird and ring dot patterns.  I’ll add similar decorative work to mine later.

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