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I have gotten sidetracked this month with mundane sewing projects. I do have another apron dress halfway done though, and fabric for still another apron dress for my daughter sitting out. In the meantime, I took out a bit of time to translate some information on the funerary clothing of Dona Teresa Gil, who died in 1307 and is buried in the monastery she founded in Zamora, Spain. The clothing was on display at the costume museum in Madrid in 2007. http://museodeltraje.mcu.es/index.jsp?id=326&ruta=3,316


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I finished the basic weaving on my dagged garters last week and was all ready to start the needle weaving on the actual dags when I was hit again with my inability to think multidimensionally. I wove the entire length of the garters without considering how I was going to start back at the beginning to do the needle weaving. Much to my surprise, once the weft is in place, the warp threads no longer move around the whole loom – who knew?? I am needle weaving the last few dags, and once they are done I’ll cut the garters off the loom and tie the finished end in place. That way, I should be able to keep working backwards to get at the rest. So far, I have finished four dags.

I took advantage of my daughter’s riding show today to dig out my naalbinding and am about to start the thumb on my second mitten. I hope to make significant progress tomorrow, while hanging out at my sister’s cottage.

Because the weather was great today, I started emptying out my wool and tried my hand at a bit of felting. It is hot, slow work and I have worn the skin off two knuckles. I’m not sure it is actually going to turn into a single piece of fabric. Though it is clearly shrinking, it seems to have a lot of holes and lumps. I left it out on a screen to dry over night and will try working on it again tomorrow.

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